If you are struggling to provide meals during this COVID19 pandemic,  

pickup food August 30, 2020 between 2PM and 4PM! *while supplies last*
We are on track to distribute free food every Sunday until August 30, 2020.  Please check back for the latest info!



We are in it together!


COVID 19 is having an unprecedented economic impact to our community.  Some worse than others.  If you are struggling providing a meal for you and your family, we want to help!!!   Every Sunday (for as long as we can) between 2PM – 4PM, we will provide a free bag of food. *while supplies last*

If you are able to help others, please consider giving a donation to the Food Drive.  100% of your donation goes toward the food.


Solid Rock Church

1645 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Safe drive-thru located at the back alley behind the church.

100% of your donation goes toward food!

Just $4 = One Full Bag of Food

All of your donations go to the food themselves (minus the fees that PayPal and banks charge).  None of it goes to the operational costs.  That cost is covered by the generous donations of the Solid Rock Church Youth Group.  All labor is also covered by the volunteer members of the Solid Rock Church and its affiliates.

Each bag of food costs only $4 and contains at least 15 servings of assorted food items.

Can I donate my food items?

We receive only monetary donations.  As we are a minimal skeleton-crew due to COVID19, we have learned that the best way for longevity and efficient operation is to receive a financial donation and purchase the food.  That way we can better organize and have control over the variety of food items.  It is also easier for those that wish to shelter at home but still want to make a difference.

However, if you wish to use this Food Drive as an opportunity for the family to serve together by shopping together for others, then we can provide a list of recommended items.  Please email: Brian Kim (at) gmail [dot] com.

* NOTE!  Paypal account we are using belongs to our Youth Pastor, Brian Kim (briankimskey) so do not be alarmed. 

We will get through this together.


Give a few hours. Make a huge difference.

You can make a difference!  Join the Solid Rock Church team and help distribute food to our community.  We are a public food pickup for District 1 of Los Angeles.

Individuals must be:

  • Healthy (tested negative for Covid19 in recent weeks) or have self-isolated for 14 days.
  • Willing to follow all safety protocols including wearing a mask, washing hands, wearing gloves, etc.
  • 18+ (underage volunteers must have parental/guardian permission)
  • Willing to commit around 4 hours in a given day
  • Christian faith a plus
  • Korean language a plus
  • Spanish language a plus

Contact Brian Kim: briankimskey (at) gmail [dot] com


  • Spread the word of our food drive so it can really reach those that need food.
  • Try to find donations!  We are a popup food drive.  We will go as long as we are funded.


Volunteer or Donate today!

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